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You can find the answers to your most frequently asked questions here. The FAQs are arranged by product area. If you can't find the answer to your query here, please contact our Web Administrator at

How do I find if I have signed up or subscribed to the Monthly newletter?

How to make sure you always get the latest email updates from

The instructions below should help you add these addresses to your mail provider.
 1) Microsoft Outlook 2003 Microsoft Outlook express

Add the sender's e-mail address or their domain name e.g. to the Safe Senders List.

1) Open the latest email from
2) On the Tools menu, click Options.
3) On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail.
4) Click the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab.
5) Click Add.
6) In the Enter box add the e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added.
Click OK.

 2) AOL

There are two steps with AOL.
1) Adjust your Settings.
2) Add the email address above to your contacts list.

a) Log-in and click Settings found at the top right hand side.
b) Click Spam Controls on the left hand panel.
c) Go to Spam Filters by Address and select Allow e-mail only from people I know.
d) Then return to your email from
e) Click to tick the box of the alert listed.
f) Right click on your mouse and select Add to Contacts.
g) A New Contact screen will appear with the alert’s e-mail address pre-filled.
h) Click Create and return to your e-mails.

3) Google Mail

1) Open your email
2) Highlight the from email address with your cursor
3) Right click Copy.
4) Click Contacts in the right hand column
5) Click + contact icon.
6) Paste e-mail address into box.
7) Click Save.

4) Yahoo

1) Open the e-mail
2) Click the Add button next to the e-mail address displayed in the top right hand corner.
3) The Add contact box will be displayed pre-filled with the e-mail address. Click Save.

5) MSN Hotmail

1) Open the email.
2) Click Save Address at the top of the page
3) The e-mail address will be pre-filled in the Add to Address Book page.
4) The email address will now be in your address book.

6) Verizon

Adding contacts to your Verizon Online Address Book
1) Log in to your e-mail account
2) From the Email and More menu, Click Address Book
3) Click Create Contact
4) Add the email addresses and nickname of the contact in the corresponding field, e.g. aircraft listings.
NOTE: Every address book entry must contain at least an e-mail and nickname entry.
4) Click Save.

How do I unsubscribe from the monthly newsletter?

Simply click the ‘Un-Subscribe’ button for the Monthly newsletter. Your status bar will then show ‘the box is empty. Please note: we will remove you from our mailing list, but depending on the date that you unsubscribed you may still receive one mailing. 

Sell My Aircraft – Help / FAQs 

How do I create my advert?  


Follow the step by step process: choose which categorie you wish to advertise in; fill out the details in the relevant text fields, upload photos if required, preview and confirm. 
Then if neccerly proceed to Mollie to make a secure payment . We use the secure services of Mollie. Before you have submitted your advertising information you will be asked if necessary, to set up an account or log in to your existing account with Mollie. 


American Express

MasterCard Credit


Visa Credit

Powered by WorldPay

Should I pay VAT on my advertisement?

VAT at the UK rate of 19% should be paid on advertisements by:

  • all sellers living in the Netherlands
  • all members of EU countries who do not have a VAT registration number
VAT does not need to be paid by
  • sellers who live outside of Europe and/or the European Union
  • sellers who can provide a valid EU registration number

How do I edit my advert?

You can edit your advert online by logging in to your account and clicking the ‘My ads’ button . Make your changes. Your online advert will show those changes immediately.

How do I upload photos?

Simply click on the browse button on the advertising page.The files from your computer will be displayed in the field bar. Select the file of your choice and press ‘Upload’.

What format should I submit my images in?

 Up to 2 MB per photo, accepted formats are: JPG and PNG can be uploaded for your online and picture panel advert.

 Can I add my photos at a later date?

Once you have registered you can create your advertise with text only or with photos. Plus, you can log in at a later date and change your photos as many times as you like.

Click the tab and then look at the advert categories:

  • My Ads– these are your current adverts displaying online .

Which language should I put my ad in? is a pan European publication.  You may use the language of your choice for your advertisement. However, most of our users have English as a second language so your ad may be understood by more readers if you write additional information in English.

 Can I edit my ad once I have paid for it?

You can edit your ad online by simply logging in and clicking on ‘Your Ads’.
  • Select the ad you wish to view by clicking ‘View/Edit’.
  • Make your changes.
  • Your online ad will show those changes immediately.

Can I just advertise in the e-mail alerts?

We currently only include aircraft advertising in the Monthly newsletter. New Listing Alert as part of a AircraftAuctions or advertising package.

How do I cancel My Ad?

You cannot cancel the first month’s advertising but you can delete your ad anytime. if you sell your plane in the first month and have paid for further advertisements, we will not refund the remaining payment to you. Simply Contact the advertising department.

Any other questions?

Please send an e-mail via our Contacts page.