About Us


Aircraft Actions.eu  is a logical continuation of our successful dutch website. As an enthusiastic pilot, there was little or no direct information available on the Dutch market in the Dutch language.
Following this, we spontaneously launched the Dutch website  Vliegtuigentekoop.nl which has grown in just one year to more than 4000 unique visitors per month and an international follow-up was therefore inevitable.

Of course we are aware that there are many international websites where you can buy and sell your aircraft.

Still there are a few major differences with AircraftAuctions.eu

  • Full control over your ads 24/7 wherever and whenever you want.
  • Advertising is free
  • Up to 10 Pictures free
  • Visitors can immediately make a bid so you know that the interest in purchasing your plane is actually present.
  • On requist we can translate your ad so you can also place your airplane on our Dutch website.


Thanks to our sponsors, this international expansion of the dutch website "Vliegtuigentekoop.nl" a fact.
We are well aware that the costs are growing but are satisfied with our international website "AircraftAuctions.eu. We are
our dutch and international visitors in number will surely increase.

This is only possible through your sponsorships and hope to welcome you aboard one of our fast growing websites 















AircraftAuctions is a tradename of vandewiel Holding b.v.